Portia Faces Life - 8/1/2019

We’re all human, we’re all aging and we all need support in making our way through this crazy world!

There are too many older LGBT people in Dallas who do not have the community support they need to thrive.

Aging can be rough for anyone. But when you’re part of a marginalized, often underrepresented community — LGBTQ seniors, for instance , it can be extra tough.

LGBT older adults face unique circumstances as we age, such as fear of discrimination. Many of us do not have children to help provide for us as we enter these senior years. Senior housing, transportation, legal services, support groups and social events are the most commonly discussed services needed in our elder community. We are the first OUT generation of LGBT ELDERS...the #Boomers...the #Stonewall Generation, and we are no longer sitting and waiting to be given space in a community that we fought hard to bring in existence! Baby... we’re gonna make things happen for ourselves! Over the past two years we have talked with and to each other, and done what few others have done... we LISTENED to each other!🤗 We’re starting with a series of fundraisers in order to provide meals and events for those of our generation that need to get out to mix and mingle. Social isolation can be deadly!

While society is generally more accepting of LGBT people today, many seniors still guard their privacy when it comes to who knows about their sexual orientation. For example, some seniors may not have come out to all their family members, or older adults who hold public positions may not be comfortable letting too many people know about their private lives. Some older LGBT adults just no longer have the energy to fight to be seen, So as we get older, and become more invisible we isolate. 

I remember back in the day…before we were able to be OUT and PROUD…There was something special about being part of a secret society. We had all sorts of wonderful places to meet secretly. You were part of a group and everybody was anxious to get to know you in that group. I remember going into the “clubs”, getting up on the stools, looking around and seeing who was interesting to me…waiting to see who would talk to me or who I wanted to talk to. Well, we can still have that wonderful feeling of belonging, and there is no longer the need for secrecy UNLESS that is your choice, which of course we respect! With the help of the Dallas Municipal Library  and the Dallas Parks and Rec Department, LGBT seniors in the city of Dallas no longer have to sit at home alone…or hang out in establishments where they are overlooked because the sweet hot young things get all the attention! No longer do Silver Seniors have to make the choice between having a meal out or feeding their precious fur babies! WE KNOW WHAT YOU NEED…because that’s what we need too…and we will do our best to make sure our senior family members have things to do and places to go without having to make a choice between paying for entertainment or paying a copay for medication. 

Seniors are doing it for themselves!

Seniors are doing it for themselves!